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Justsen > Moving Grate Principle

Moving Grate Principle

Grate Construction

The grate system in a Justsen boiler is unique as each grate is placed on 5 water-cooled tubes which circulate through the boiler. The grates don't move, providing a very stable connection to the water-cooled tubes and optimum heat transfer to the combustion water.

This results in the lowest possible fire bed temperature, (400°C – 500°C depending on fuel used) helping to prevent the melting of ash to form clinker.

Scraping mechanisms cleans every single grate and moves the ash down to the ash auger where it can be extracted from the boiler. Each scraping movement (length, time, order) can be individually adjusted via the PLC.

This grate design allows for more precise control of the airflow though the boiler. Each grate is stationary enabling a much tighter fit, reducing wear, ash fall-though and increasing airflow through grate holes.

The animation below demonstrates the grate motion.

Justsen Moving Grate Justsen Moving Grate

Movement order, speed and range displayed in the animation above are to demonstrate grate functionality and do not accurately portray actual operating conditions.

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