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Wet Wood Chip

Fuel Flexibility - Justsen Biomass Boilers

  • Optimized boilers for wet or dry fuel can be chosen by installing ceramic tiles or not. These tiles can be added or removed on site during the life of the boiler if a major change in fuel type is required
  • Low cost fuels, such as recycled wood are often the hardest to burn. The Justsen system has been designed to cope with the challenges presented by these fuels and still provide the rated power output and good reliability, with minimum maintenance and parts costs.
  • Primary air pre-heating is optional for very wet fuels Straw and grains can be burnt in the ‘straw’ version thanks to the special stainless steel lining.
  • Straw table and chopper to automatically burn full size bales (e.g Hesston)
  • Use of very wet wood chips can be economically achieved thanks to a range of wet scrubbers and condensers that can be optionally installed to recover the latent heat used to evaporate the fuel moisture. This allows very wet (fresh) fuels with low handling and processing costs to be burnt. Overall efficiency including the heat output from the condenser is almost equal to using dry wood chip fuels (per dry tonne of wood burnt)
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