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Efficency - Justsen Biomass Boilers

  • Optimised combustion and minimal hot ash waste due to large grate area create the maximum possible efficiency even with low quality fuels.
  • Due to the generously dimension combustion chamber, Justsen plant can be run at lower excess oxygen levels. This increases combustion efficiency, as the lower the excess oxygen in the flue gas, the less the hot gas stream entering the heat exchanger is less diluted with unnecessary cold air, resulting in a higher heat output for a given fuel input. The water cooled combustion chamber allows running at lower oxygen levels (and therefore with higher combustion temperatures) as all the key areas of combustion chamber are adequately cooled.
  • Choice of optional 5 pass heat exchanger to reduce flue temperatures and further increase efficiency.
  • Flue Gas Condensers can be installed to recover energy from waste exhaust gasses, increasing efficency by up to 30%
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