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Flue Gas Condensers

by Matthew Baxter | | December 9th 2016

Increase Efficiency by up to 30%
Reduce Fuel Consumption.
Increse Peak Power Output.

Biomass fuels can contain a significant amount of water, a large percentage of the energy contained within the fuel is used to drive off this moisture during combustion. In a normal boiler system this heat is wasted, as the water vapor travels through the boiler and up the chimney as steam, where it condenses in the cold air outside.

In a Justsen condenser energy is recovered by condensing the moisture in the boiler flue gasses using the cool return water from the heating system. When water vapor condenses, it releases the energy that would be otherwise lost to the atmosphere.

This energy is absorbed as heat into the water surrounding the condenser, and effectively pre-heats the water returning to the boiler. The process is similar to the function of a modern condensing gas boiler. The benefits however are greatly magnified, as the water content of biomass fuels is so much higher than gas, the recovered energy is far more significant.

Based on a Justsen Argus Flex 17 boiler (995kW)

Condenser Heat Output
Burning Fuel at 45% Moisture
Condenser Heat Output
Burning Fuel at 35% Moisture
35°C 311kW 242kW
40°C 285kW 221kW
45°C 253kW 190kW
50°C 211kW 152kW
55°C 159kW 106kW
60°C 112kW 102kW
65°C 108kW 98kW
70°C 104kW 94kW

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