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Glasshouses Warwickshire - Case Study

Case Study - Project Details

  • Boiler: Justsen Argus Flex 19-5 Pure
  • Maximum heating output: 2200 kW and 1200kW (3400kW in total)
  • Fuel: Grade A recycled woodchip
  • Heating: xxxx m2 of glasshouse
  • Supplied and Installed by: Core Biomass & EBTech Solutions Ltd
Justsen Split Walking Floor Silo

The Fuel store features two sections, with changeover control built into the control panel. Therefore the boiler will feed from the chosen store first, and when empty it will switch automatically to the other fuel store. This allows delivery of an arctic load of fuel via walking floor trailer directly discharged onto the moving floor, with no need for secondary fuel handling with a tele-handler or bucket loader. The boilers continue to run uninterrupted from the other fuel store during delivery

Justsen Split Walking Floor Silo
Wood Fuel Store
Justsen Distribution Box

The 2.2MW Argus Flex 19 was installed in winter 2015. The system was designed to allow the installation of an additional Argus Flex 17 boiler, to be fed from the same fuel store. To achieve this, a buffer bin has been installed. The buffer bin is fed via two large augers from the duel moving floor fuel store. The buffer bin contains an agitator system in the bottom, a similar concept to ‘spring agitators’ often installed on small scale biomass. This system however uses a robust rigid steel blade, ensuring that fuels of all different types can be reliably fed to both boilers.

The 2.2MW argus flex 19 has a bag filter fitted to take dust particles out of the exhaust gas. This allows the boiler to be operated on Grade A recycled wood chip and still meet RHI emission levels. A permit has been obtained for burning clean wood waste materials in the boiler. The second boiler, an Argus Flex 17 with peak heating output of 1200kW is scheduled to be installed in 2016. The boiler will feature an optional 5 pass heat exchanger, which allows for greater heat output and efficiency, and better modulation for summer operation.

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